“You have a very unique way of being able to put complicated legal terms into clear and accessible words for those of us not in the field. I came away thinking that not only are you both excellent lawyers, but you are lawyers with heart...so important.”
“In less capable and caring hands, this process could have been tough, given the issues at stake. Instead, I always left his offices feeling a bit more in control of my life, and more optimistic, than when I’d arrived. That’s no small gift to give your clients in any field.”
“Life in general is tough enough and we can’t know everything about everything. So, having a firm like Squillace that we can go to for assistance is very comforting. We trust the firm and know that the advice we will get will be the right advice.”
“We were blessed the day we were referred to Squillace & Associates. The sensitivity of estate planning and the decisions plus the detail required to perform such a task was done with such ease and patience on their part. Plus the level of trust we have with Squillace & Associates is only one that we have with family and a few trusted friends.”
“I appreciate the completeness of your services. You left no corner unturned. Since we completed our Estate Planning I have felt safe in ways I cannot explain. I sleep well at night knowing that Squillace & Associates are watching out for my estate and personal well-being. Scott, Brian and your staff are the best of the best, truly a blessing.”

Experienced and thorough. Thoughtful and kind. Anticpating your needs and responsive to your inquiries. Simply the BEST!
Brett was great to work with – very happy with our estate planning experience. The entire office staff was professional, attentive and welcoming. Attention to detail was excellent.
Scott and his team were always attentive, approachable, thoughtful and competent during all our consultations.
Dealing with wills and estate planning can be an emotional issue for most and a complicated one for lesbian couples. You need to work with someone who is not only competent in the legal arena but also knowledgeable of our issues. Scott Squillace gave us that and so much more.

From the moment we walked into the office we felt warmly welcomed and extremely comfortable. His style is informal without sacrificing an ounce of professionalism or expertise. We felt like we were talking to someone whom we had known for a very long time.

We never felt that any of our questions were silly or left the office with an unanswered question, and he accomplished this without ever being patronizing. That was very comforting, reassuring, and helpful. Scott’s holistic approach to the issue of estate planning is very comprehensive and his way of helping couples make decisions that are hard to make helps make the entire situation comfortable and easy.

Scott and his staff are thorough, efficient, and competent. Our overall experience could not have been more positive. We are so glad we found Scott Squillace!

Scott applied a much needed human touch when I was dealing with a crisis. A lot could have gone wrong, but Scott and his staff made sure those things were managed.
Our experience with Scott guiding us has been nothing but positive, and we are very grateful to have him as our lawyer. We would absolutely recommend him to friends and families.
The Squillace team works hard to make sure that you understand all your options and why planning is important.
It isn’t often that one can both unreservedly recommend a firm and its principal and thoroughly enjoy doing so, but I’m happy to say that this is precisely the case with Scott Squillace & Associates.

I had imagined that estate planning would entail some rather workmanlike discussions of fairly tedious issues. In fact, Scott made the process really interesting and engaging. He is a true expert in his areas of specialization, as well as deeply knowledgeable about many other areas of the law. And as he unhurriedly set out to learn about my particular circumstances and needs, his personal warmth and genuine concern for his clients shone through. To be sure, Scott has a keen eye for detail: he left no stone unturned, and raised many questions I would never have thought to ask. But at every point, he connected these details to the larger context of different possible scenarios, highlighting my options and the consequences of alternative choices. Scott explained everything very clearly, with never a hint of pressure or hurry. Throughout the process, he made me feel comfortable asking as many questions as I liked, and though he must have heard many of them thousands of times, his interest and focus never flagged. Every one of Scott’s associates was kind, considerate and helpful, too.

In less capable and caring hands, this process could have been tough, given the issues at stake. Instead, I always left his offices feeling a bit more in control of my life, and more optimistic, than when I’d arrived. That’s no small gift to give your clients in any field.

Everyone is always the perfect blend of friendly and professional. A pleasure to work with!
I was impressed with the level of experience and knowledge. I was carefully informed of the pros and cons of my choices and expertly advised on which decisions would best align with my overall goals. To state that I was ‘satisfied’ with the counsel I received, would be a gross understatement.
Scott has been wonderful to work with over the years, and a terrific resource when questions have come up along the way. He has made us feel comfortable in every interaction (not easy given the topics inherent to estate planning) and we value his advice and patience very much.
Even as we were managing and planning for difficult scenarios, we were consistently impressed by the sensitive and thoughtful approach.
I have to admit that I wasn’t excited about planning for the future (after my death); and the idea of paying for it, certainly was not appealing. But my family insisted we needed to be responsible, and so we ended up at Squillace & Associates on the recommendation of a respected friend. Our experience with Squillace & Associates has been educational and enjoyable. The firm’s founder, Scott, and his team, work hard to make sure that you understand all your options and why planning is important. They also make good on their word, every step of the way. By the time we were done with our estate planning, I had come to realize that these are professionals I both like and trust. What a journey.
Please accept our most heartfelt thanks for the manner in which you handled our case. I am referring to the handling of my brother’s affairs after he passed away. I did not know where to turn until we were referred to you because we live out of state and have limited finances. From my first contact with you and your office, I was made to feel at ease knowing everything would be taken care of. Your compassion and professionalism are not easy to find in these times. You are surely a credit to your profession. What stood out most was your compassion for my loss and difficult situation. You were my angel in my time of need. I am eternally grateful to you.