urgent planning

Sometimes, expedited planning is needed.

Our Urgent Planning practice focuses on the delicate task of emergency/concierge level estate planning so that individuals in crisis can have peace of mind that their affairs are in order.

Emergency/Concierge Services

In times of crisis, when death is imminent, our firm is able to offer emergency/concierge level estate planning services to those in need, assuming the prospective client(s) are capable of understanding what is happening and are lucid. Occasionally, we have found ourselves in the position of helping someone with whom we have not had a prior relationship, but needs our expertise and services on an expedited basis. Often times, these cases occur when someone is in the hospital or at home during hospice care and the individual realizes a need to put in place (or update) an estate plan or even correct a prior mistake in an existing estate plan. While it always our preference not to do urgent planning, sometimes this becomes necessary when a diagnosis is unexpected and death imminent.

As always, we must be cautious in these situations that the individual is of sound mind and understands fully the nature of what they are doing. Since this is a premier service that can require work by attorneys and/or staff after hours or on weekends, a premium may be charged from our ordinary rates. However, when we have had the opportunity to help someone near death clarify his or her estate plan, it becomes a place of honor, as we share the innermost concerns of a client who will die with the peace of mind that his or her affairs are truly in order. Each case is different and an experienced attorney will need to evaluate the facts and circumstances to ensure the client is capable of participating in the work in ways required under the law. While it is not our preference to do this work on an emergency basis, we are equipped to do so.