Scott discusses some of the federal considerations of the estate planning process that impact same sex couples and non-traditional families.

Scott discusses some of the unique aspects of the estate planning process that impact same sex couples and non-traditional families.

ACTEC Fellows Daniel G. Fish and Tara Anne Pleat define and discuss end-of-life advance medial directives including a Living Will, Healthcare Proxy, medical orders (MOLST & POLST), and Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders.

ACTEC Fellow Bernard A. Krooks, an elder law expert, reviews the essential legal document such as Durable Power of Attorney (aka Financial Power of Attorney), and Advanced Healthcare Directives (Healthcare Proxy and Living Will) that should be in place.

The SECURE Act (Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement), enacted in December 2019, changes everything concerning estate planning with retirement benefits. Learn the new IRA age distribution requirement, the impact to beneficiaries, changes to the “stretch” and individuals exempt from the limitation. ACTEC Fellows Steven E. Trytten and Nancy H. Welber help families understand…

ACTEC Fellows Jean Gordon Carter and Katherine E. Ramsey discuss what documents you should discuss and prepare for your college-bound and young adult when they turn 18, a legal adult.

ACTEC Fellows Jonathan W. Michael and Sandra L. Perkins discuss how to transfer assets to minor children, the Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA), 529 plans, naming a caregiver for a minor child in a Will and more.

Does a child have any rights to information in an estate after the death of a parent? How are assets divided up in a Will? Do you need a lawyer? Do you have to accept the bequeathed item? ACTEC Fellows Eric W. Penzer and Natalie M. Perry answer these questions and more in this short…

Assets such as life insurance, annuities, pension plans, 401ks and IRAs have beneficiary designation forms as part of the set-up process. ACTEC Fellows Frank T. Adams and Richard R. Gans dig into the complexities around beneficiary designations so that viewers understand the essential facts.

Understand how to plan for your digital assets such as photos, email accounts and passwords during life and in your estate documents. ACTEC Fellows Stacy E. Singer and Suzanne Brown Walsh discuss documents stored in the cloud, cryptocurrency accounts and social media accounts using a password manager and more in this informative video.

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