Dealing in sensitive subjects can often give rise to conflict between people.

Our Mediation practice focuses on conflict resolution tailored to individual client needs. These include divorce, custody, probate of estates, disputes between beneficiaries, business and partnership formation or dissolution, and employment matters.

Mediation is quite simply a facilitated dialogue between two or more people who are in conflict in an attempt to help the parties reach meaningful resolution. Each of us have different ways of responding to conflict that sometime interferes with our ability to reach a peaceful solution or to maintain an important relationship. We can help by assisting the involved parties in crafting a solution to the problems being faced. Mediation allows parties to trade the certainty of a negotiated agreement for the uncertainty of a court decision.

The mediation process is confidential, quicker and usually costs much less than litigation. Creative solutions are the norm rather than the exception and joint experts can be consulted to aid decision-making. The parties are in the driver’s seat, having more input and control over the process than court resolution. Mediation takes place in a more relaxed setting, usually the mediator’s office or conference room, which encourages respectful dialogue, allowing emotions and factual information to be shared safely. Transparency is necessary to reaching a resolution and thus, private settings and mediator confidentiality increase the likelihood of free-flowing information. Parties are then able to fully digest options and make informed decisions based on their real world experiences.