Gloria Vanderbilt was herself the beneficiary of a trust fund worth an estimated $2.5–$5 million in 1925, or around $35–$70 million today.

If you have significant wealth, one of the best ways to protect your family and transfer your wealth is through a dynasty trust.

The reality is that a trust fund kid does not necessarily live a life filled with lavish trips, designer clothes, and expensive cars — they are simply a young beneficiary of a trust.

Ensure that your legacy is honored and that your loved ones are spared unnecessary difficulties in honoring your life and wishes for the future.

The new tax relief bill includes an important change that may affect your estate plan as it relates to the change in Massachusetts estate tax law.

Most parents have carefully considered what values they want to instill upon their children, but you may not realize that establishing a trust can allow you to essentially parent from beyond the grave.

As summer approaches and open waters beckon, it is important to consider a unique aspect of estate planning that can often be overlooked—your boats and watercraft.

Considering the ongoing issues faced by First Republic Bank, we would like to provide further clarity, specifically with respect to coverage limits for revocable trust accounts.

When people begin getting their affairs in order through the creation of an estate plan, they often face a delicate balancing act.

It is important for women to take care of themselves through financial and estate planning designed to provide for their own future needs.

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